Would you like someone to talk to?

Would you or someone you know benefit from having a befriender?

A befriender can be someone to talk to, someone to ease loneliness. This is not a counselling service, a Befriender is someone who can listen, signpost and help build confidence.

Befriending aims to enable people to:

  • Become less socially isolated
  • Enhance skills for forming and maintaining relationships with others
  • Develop greater resilience
  • Develop confidence
  • Increase well-being
  • Feel supported by someone who is consistent and reliable
  • Experience some purely social interaction on a regular basis

We offer face to face befriending as well as phone or digital befriending via video calls.

We have more information on our befriending page.

If you would like a chat this service please get in touch: Rochynem@equalitytogether.org.uk / 01274 594 173