The Cost of Living Crisis – The Impact on Disabled People

Meeting held on Wednesday 29th March 1-3pm at Manningham Mills Community Centre

Last Wednesday the Disabled People’s Action Group held a meeting about how the Cost of Living Crisis was impacting on disabled people. Rick Burgess from Greater Manchester Disabled People’s Panel came and gave an interesting and informative talk about the findings from the Greater Manchester Big Disability Survey. Some of the important points identified in the survey included:

  • Low incomes of disabled people
  • Debt – 39% of those who took the survey said they were in debt on credit cards, loans, overdrafts and family loans.
  • 75% of respondents said they used more gas or electricity because they were disabled.
  • There was a lack of decent, affordable and accessible housing.
  • The majority found dealing with benefits very difficult, many saying it impacted their physical and mental health.

Rick then went on to outline some of the recommendations to address the concerns raised in the survey. He said they have submitted these recommendations to the Greater Manchester mayor’s office. Some of the audience recounted some of the difficulties they had faced when trying to cope with rising prices and accessing benefits.

Rick also gave the Disabled People’s Action Group some great ideas about setting up a regional disabled people’s panel with other disabled people’s groups from across West Yorkshire.
We were then joined by Jonathan Brearley from Equality Together who outlined some of the help that people might be able to get particularly from the voluntary sector and foodbanks.

The Disabled People’s Action Group appreciated Rick and Jonathan giving up their time to come and speak to us.