Success at our Hearing Loss Open Day

It was a great turn-out at our Hearing Loss Open day on 5th October at Manningham Mills.

Many people were able to try wire free TV Personal listeners which can be used with or without a hearing aid. Very useful if you have difficulty in daily listening, in noisy situations or in general conversation at home. There were a selection of Battery or Main operated vibrate/flash alarm clocks which is placed under a pillow to shake you awake.

Debi (hearing impaired) Sensory Needs & Live Well & Safe worker can offer you a face-to-face appointment for any advice for people with Hearing or Sight loss. I am available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.30pm -3pm.

We are unable to offer assistance with hearing aids or glasses please talk to your own doctor, Audiologist or Optician. For hearing aids repairs contact your Audiology Department.