Keeping Neurodivergent People Connected -This Project Has Now Ended


Many people with Autism, ADHD or a Learning disability will become increasingly vulnerable during the current Covid-19 crisis. In response to this the new ‘Keeping Neurodivergent People Connected’ project is being launched with a focus on people who are routinely not known to services or accessing support. It is co-ordinated by the West Yorkshire and Harrogate health care partnership, Inclusion North and Equality Together. It aims to help people by keeping them connected during this current climate.

Equality Together will assess how safe a person is, what additional help they may need, and then support them to access this help. They will receive calls from specialist staff that will support them with understanding information relating to Covid 19, talk through their worries and offer reassurance. Signpost them to local services to be able to access support with any practical issues, gain information, advice and resources.  If a person is in crisis we are able to refer to the appropriate service with consent.

Simply ask the person to either:

Call – Equality Together 01274 594173 or 07949 869497


Text – 07949 869497

If the person consents and would prefer to be contacted by us, please email us their details. In the subject line type ‘Keeping Neurodivergent People Connected’. They will be given options for their preferred method of communication at initial contact. Follow up contact can be made if needed. Even if you are not sure if a person has Autism, ADHD or a Learning disability but it’s clear they are feeling isolated and in need, refer them to our service.