Interests and involvement

The Co-Production Partnership wants to give as many disabled people and their carers a chance to be involved in the work we do. We are often asked if we know anyone who wants to be involved in a project or give their views on certain subjects. Rather than relying on the people who we already know, we want to give more disabled people and family members and carers a chance to get involved

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We think this form will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

You can use this online form to tell us about yourself and what areas of work you would like to be involved in co-producing services.

We will make sure that if you are involved in these projects that you get the right support to do this.

Different areas will have different opportunities to be involved. Some will have more than others.

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You are then asked to tell us about what areas you are interested in working on with the Co-Production Partnership.

Finally we ask some questions about you.

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