HOSC Overview

Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee is part of Bradford Council. It helps make sure that health and care services are working properly. The Co-Production Partnership has been asked to choose a disabled person to be a member of this committee.

  • You can find out more about the work of the Committee here
  • You can find out more about what sort of person would make a good disabled people’s representative here
  • You can find out about how to apply here
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What is HOSC?

This full name of this committee is Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee or HOSC for short.

HOSC is a Bradford Council committee. It looks at how well health and care services are running in the Bradford district.

A committee is a small group of people from an organisation who talk about important issues.

The Bradford council area includes Bradford, Bingley, Ilkley, Keighley, Shipley and Silsden.

Most members of the HOSC are local councillors. There are three members of community groups who are also members. One of the community groups is the Co-Production Partnership.

Some of the things HOSC has talked recently include:

  • Moving services out of Shipley Hospital
  • Safeguarding adults
  • Services for pregnant women and babies
  • Keighley Health and Wellbeing Centre

There is a meeting most months. It is usually on a Thursday and starts at 4.30 and finishes at about 7 o’clock.

The meetings happen in Bradford City Hall. You can claim travel expenses to get there. You will need to have some time to read the papers which are sent before each meeting.

The Co-Production Partnership can help you do the role if you need help. The role on the committee is for two years.

The disabled people’s representative

This section will tell you more about what the disabled people’s representative will do as a member of HOSC. It will also tell you about what sort of person is needed to be on HOSC.

What will the disabled people’s representative on HOSC do?

This section looks at what the representative on HOSC would need to do. This will help people decide if they would be a good person to do this important job.

The most important part of the role is being a voice on behalf of disabled people on HOSC.

The person should listen to the views of disabled people across the Bradford district.

They should to talk to people at different disabled people’s organisations across the Bradford district.

They should think about how the things HOSC talk about may affect people with different disabilities and sensory needs.

This includes how things may affect people with:

  • physical disabilities (such as wheelchair users)
  • sensory needs (such as people who are blind or Deaf)
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people with neurodiverse conditions (such as autism)
  • people with mental health conditions
  • people with life limiting long term health conditions (such as cancer or diabetes)

You need to be able to go to most of the meetings.

You will need to have some time to read the papers which are sent out before the meeting.

What sort of person should be the disabled people’s representative on HOSC?

The person must be a disabled person. This could be any type of disability or life limiting health condition.

The person must have a connection with the Bradford district. This could mean that they live, work or receive services within the Bradford district.

  • They must be 18 years old or older.
  • They should be able to think about how things may affect different groups of disabled people in different ways.
  • They should not just think about their own views.
  • They should be good at listening to disabled people.
  • They should be happy to speak in public meetings.
  • They should be able to talk about what is good and bad for disabled people in the Bradford District.

Sometimes the person may say things that professionals or the council do not want to hear, like what it is really like to receive services which are not very good.

They should not use the role to do things which would help make them or their organisation more money. This is called a conflict of interest.

They should think about what support they may need to be a good representative for disabled people at HOSC. The Co-Production Partnership will be able to provide the person support.

What happens next

Everyone who is interested in this role needs to complete their application by 12th January 2024

All the applications will be checked to make sure that the person is a disabled person aged 18 or older and has a connection to the Bradford district.

Everyone’s statement (what people have said about why they would be a good representative) will be put into accessible formats such as audio and BSL.

Everyone’s statements will be sent to the different organisations which support disabled people within the Bradford district.

Each organisation will be able to vote for who they think is the best person to represent disabled people at HOSC. Information about how to vote will be sent out to organisations in January.

Organisations will have until 29th February to vote.