Filming an advert – Are You Interested?

There is an advertising company called One Black Bear who are making an advert for Bradford District Care Foundation Trust who are due to open a brand new Assessment and Treatment Unit at Lynfield Mount, Daisy Hill Bradford.

The centre will support the needs of those who have a learning disability as an in-patient nearer to their home.  The aim is to offer speedy and effective treatment to get patients back home as soon as possible.

The new unit has eight in-patient beds in Bradford.

The Foundation Trust have actively consulted with people who have learning disabilities and carers to help make it a nicer place.

They want to use the advert to promote the Unit and to recruit new and specialist staff who want to be part of the patient experience and take pride in helping patients with learning disabilities back to independence.  It will also be on social media.

“One Black Bear” are doing the filming on Wednesday 27th July  at Lynfield Mount, Daisy Hill BD9 6DP.

The digital director would like to receive profiles for anyone interested in the role – send a quick photo and a little bit about who you are.  There will be a short interview which can take place on Zoom or let them know your preference for contact.

Also tell them how much you cost –  as a guide for a Commercial standard pay is “Extra”  £150 per day (£24 per hr) for a “Walk on” it is £250 per day (£50 per hr)“Feature” it is £300 per day (£60 per hr) plus a potential buy out fee.  Make sure to ask about expenses for getting there and back or they may wish to supply transport to make sure you are there when needed.

The company is looking for someone to play a patient who has learning difficulties.

This is a background role and you will not need to speak but you will need to be happy to do things which they ask for the scene.  You must tell them if you feel uncomfortable doing something but sometimes they need to get a picture they need.

You may be asked to sit in a bed like a patient or smile at the nurse or you may be sad.

There are three scenes

  1. In the bedroom – being “The patient”
  2. Doing some art and craft
  3. In the sensory garden

It can be a long day doing filming but it can be a great experience.

Do ask what time it starts and what time they think it might end (max daytime should be 7am-10pm)

It would be nice for someone from the Bradford area to take up this part for a service in Bradford.

Contact details are:

Amy Gouldson – Digital Director, One Black Bear

49 George Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham B3 1QA

0121 227 4444 | 07894 939 645